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My name is Darrell Walker. I am an aspiring science-fiction/fantasy writer. This site is a place for me to post my latest writings, and--most importantly--a place for you to comment on them. This site is a gateway to my various sites. The actual fiction is located on my Forum. In order to my stories, you will have to register a username and password on the forum. The reason I do this is because as long as my work is password protected, it is not in the "public domain". If I just put it on a free access site, then publishers will consider it published and I won't be able to sell it. If you have any problems with registering or if you're new to forums and need help, please email me.

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My blog has changed somewhat. My forum now contains all my writing, and you can comment on it there. So my blog on my home site is going to be my writing blog. Therein I will record my writing goals, my progress, and just what's going through my head. I will try to update it regularly. Please feel free to coment on any of the posts.

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This is yours truly and my "Writing Buddy". She is very helpful (believe it or not) when I need a brain break!

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I  have recently found out that you cannot get writing published that has been put on a public web site. Those of you who want to read my fiction can still do so, however. I have created a forum. You will need to register and get a password. Follow the link below, then click the link at the top of the forum page that says "Register". You will be sent an email with your password. One you log on the first time, you can change your password to anything you'd like by clicking on the "Profile" link at the top of the page. If you have any questions getting up and running on the forum, send me an email and I will be happy to help you out. You may still comment here on the blogs if you'd like, or you can comment on the forum.

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